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Directory of Plants & Bulbs Related Websites website The Enduring Gardener Blog
This is a free online magazine of high quality articles and beautiful pictures aimed at the UK gardener. It is written by professional gardeners and is packed with information about plants, design tips and information on maintaining gardens.

More Info >>>
Plants & Bulbs website TN Garden Center
Tn Garden Center is an online plant nursery featuring quality plants and trees at real wholesale nursery grower prices. Affordable plants and shipping plus delivery to your home or office.

More Info >>>
Plants & Bulbs website Planet Plants
Planet Plants is a single member company, established in 2015, for the advancement and dissemination of the knowledge and education of agriculture, arboriculture, forestry, horticulture, organic farming and associated fields, through seminars, training workshops and field tours.
Plants & Bulbs website Proteaceae
We specialize in the Proteaceae family, offering an extensive range of plants for sale, such as Banksia, Grevillea, Leucadendron, Leucospermum, Protea, Telopea and rarer genera. We sell adult, multi-stemmed and ready to flower specimens.

Plants & Bulbs website Peak Cottage Plants
Peak Cottage Plants is a small nursery that specialises in hardy herbaceous perennials. The plants are all propagated and grown by us in our plant nursery, which is situated in the White Peak village of Winster in the heart of Derbyshire's Peak District. Many of the plants we grow and sell are rare or unusual and not generally available in garden centres, providing a unique opportunity to create a truly special garden.
Plants & Bulbs website Arne Herbs
Suppliers of over 900 varieties of herbs and wild flowers. We ship rare historic, culinary, aromatic and medicinal herbs as well as wild flowers, to all parts of the world.
Plants & Bulbs website Broadleigh Bulbs
Based in Somerset, UK, Broadleigh Gardens has been leading the field in the propagation and mail-order retail of small bulbs for over 30 years. We are a Family run business and you can be assured of top quality bulbs from us. We produce two illustrated catalogues a year. The spring( January) catalogue covers items posted in Feb - April (snowdrops, lilies, hellebores etc) the autumn (June) catalogue covers items posted in August (autumn flowering) and Sept-Nov (daffodils, tulips, alliums etc)
Plants & Bulbs website Miniature Bulbs
We offer one of the largest ranges of miniature and dwarf growing flower bulbs for sale in Europe. Our range of dwarf & wildflower daffodil bulbs, tulip bulbs, alpine bulbs, crocus bulbs, narcissus, Iris, fritillaria, alliums, ipheions, muscari, erythroniums for garden, pots & exhibition are at realistic prices.
Plants & Bulbs website Jersey Plants Direct
Our Value for Money bulbs not only include last years favorites but also some brand new varieties. Flowering Plant Bulbs will come up year after year and so will give years of delight. We have a great mix of Spring Bulbs and Summer flowering bulbs so there is something for every season. You'd be mad not to plant a few bulbs and watch them delight for years to come!
Plants & Bulbs website J Parker Dutch Bulbs
A family Business for over 70 years As a family business established in 1933 and now involving my own sons Daniel and Paul, we are one of the leading plant and bulb companies in the UK. Because we share a genuine enthusiasm for gardening with all our customers, we are fully committed to providing the best available products at the best available prices. My late father came from Holland in 1933 during the depression and started a mail order bulb business. He came from three generations of bulb growers and exporters. Since then we have prospered into probably the largest UK mail order horticultural company, which is solely owned and managed by the original family. Our success is based on supplying quality goods at down to earth prices and an effective IT and Despatch Organisation, which delivers an efficient service to our customers.
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