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Directory of Polytunnels & Cloches Related Websites website QVS Shop
Providers of tarpaulin covers, sheeting and protective fleece as well as many other gardening supplies and equipment.

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Polytunnels & Cloches website Tarpaflex
Tarpaflex is one of the UK’s largest importers of prefabricated poly tarpaulins, with over 110 different variations of size, colour and specification available.

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Polytunnels & Cloches website Premier Polytunnels
Premier Polytunnels are specialist designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of polytunnels, polytunnel accessories, and polythene covers. With more than 25 years experience in the horticultural industry, Premier Polytunnels have used their expertise to bring you a stronger, more reliable, top quality, ‘unique’ polytunnel, unlike any other on the market.
Polytunnels & Cloches website Highland Polytunnels
Highland Polytunnels standard garden poly tunnels are fabricated from fully galvanised 32mm Z35 tube for extra strength, with the hoops made in only two parts joining at the top where the ridge bar fitting clamps them together this means there are no joins to make them weak, so no need for any extra bracing, it also makes the polytunnel easier to construct.
Polytunnels & Cloches website Posh Cloche
Garden Cloches and Plant Protection Top quality acrylic plastic garden cloches. Frost protection for plants and vegetable gardens.
Polytunnels & Cloches website Northern Polytunnels
40 years of experience and knowledge go into every polytunnel! In 1969 my father, Peter Wolfenden a dairy farmer from East Lancashire, came up with the idea of obtaining a sheet of polythene and putting eyelets in each corner so that bales of hay that were standing in the fields could be stacked in piles and covered, to stop them being ruined by the rain before the farmers could get them indoors. The next development was to stretch this polythene, which in those early days was a very new and rare material, over steel hoops. These were among some of the very first polytunnels. LBS polythene grew over the years with all three children joining the company and branching out into different sides of the business which is now the LBS GROUP. In 1990 LBS acquired Northern Polytunnels. This was a company which had developed multispan polytunnels for commercial use. This strengthened our position within the commercial horticulture market, making us one of the largest producers of polytunnels for the commercial market in the UK. We have been busy with our commercial range and the development of the garden centre market over recent years and when you visit a garden centre you stand a good chance of being one of our canopy framework.
Polytunnels & Cloches website First Tunnels
Your Polytunnel is a time machine, turning autumn into spring and spring into summer. Or you can look at it as if it has moved your garden over 1000 miles it's more like you're growing in the balmier climate of southern Spain. The secret is the skin of your Polytunnel which traps heat inside and even helps warm up air in the winter. Because low temperature is the limiting factor for plant growth in the winter, increasing the temperature is the most effective way to grow great crops.
Polytunnels & Cloches

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