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1 June 2016

2016 National Garden BioBlitz

You probably don't know that this year's National Garden BioBlitz is taking place on the 4th and 5th of June, but you may be interested to know what it is.

It was started by a mixture of wildlife experts and enthusiasts, who met on Twitter and decided it would be fun to keep a record of their garden wildlife by doing a Garden BioBlitz.

They set up a trial event in 2012 and asked other nature lovers to ‘BioBlitz’ their gardens as well. It was so successful that in 2013 they decided to launch the Garden BioBlitz as a national event. The whole event is run by volunteers, for volunteers! Perhaps you would enjoy taking part.

But what is a BioBlitz? It's a list of all the wildlife you can find in your garden over a 24 hour period. By "wild" plants and animals, we mean anything that has arrived in your garden of its own accord (not planted or brought into the garden by you, your family or your predecessors). Don't worry, you don't need to Blitz for 24 hours non-stop (or have any special wildlife skills) - this isn't an endurance challenge, just some wildlife fun!

All you need to do is go out at different times of the day, take lots of photographs and upload what you've seen to the special recording website - iRecord. There is even help in identifying what you find!

There is lots of information to be found on the website at especially from the BioBlitzing Tips and Advice dropdown.

If you find that you enjoy BioBlitzing, there are events taking place all over the UK throughout the year, many of which can be found from the British Natural History Consortium website.
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