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Bayliss Greenhouse Autovents

Bayliss have been manufacturing their autovents in the UK since they first designed it in 1964. The Bayliss Autovent is now the market leader in automatic greenhouse ventilation and is used both in the UK and throughout the rest of the world. Still a family business Bayliss now have an impressive range of products suitable for a wide range of greenhouse types and different weather conditions.

The autovent uses a tube with contains a special blend of mineral wax which expands or contracts depending on the surrounding air temperature. As the tube gets hot and the wax expands, it acts on a piston which then opens the window to allow for more ventilation. It is a simple concept but requires excellent engineering skills to manufacure the autovent so that it work time after time.

The result is that the gardener can relax when away from the garden and doesn't have to dash to the greenhouse if the weather suddenly improves. The Bayliss website gives lots of imformation about how the autovent works and about the range of autovents available.

Bayliss have been selling autovents since 1960s and now ship worldwide to business customers and the public. Order online or by phone - secure payments taken via Barclays EPDQ. Full contact details given including company registration number. Most questions covered in Information and Advice and Customer Services sections. Phone number for further advice and assistance. reviewer
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