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Chris Bowers & Sons is supplying the largest selection of quality top and soft fruits across the UK. Find top fruit trees for sale and order from a respected specialist nursery your desired stock of bushes or fruiting trees.

Chris Bowers & Sons is the online place to find specialist nursery fruit trees for sale, bushes plants and soft fruits trees for sale. Check their catalogue to learn more about their large range of fruit trees stock available.

Chris Bowers & Sons has the largest range available when it comes to fruit trees for sale. This can be easily observed when comparing the catalogue of fruit trees for sale to those of the competition, and the difference is noticeable.

A nursery with over 30 years experience, supplying a large variety of fruit trees and bushes on-line only throughout the UK. Tabs lead to the wide range of fruiting plants available, with information on each plant and the price. There are also comprehensive growing guides to keep you right. Delivery and FAQs should cover most questions you may have, while Terms & Conditions can be found at the foot of each page. Contact Us has phone and e-mail details, the business address and an enquiry form. reviewer
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