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Directory of Composting Related Websites

Agamemnon Timber
Agamemnon Timber is based in East Anglia, England. We specialise in the supply a range of timber products for the domestic garden market. We manufacture all of our own products and this enables us to offer the customer good products at excellent prices. We have been manufacturing many of these products for over 10 years.

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Harrod Horticulture
Compost Tumblers - compost tumblers can help turn what is traditionally a ten-plus month practice into a 14 day fast-track composting process! Fill with your organic waste from the garden and kitchen and give the drum a couple of spins once a day. The efficient mixing allows the bacteria to work fast and generates high core temperatures, resulting in usable compost in just two weeks - given the correct mix of material and weather conditions. Any liquid produced by the composting process - which traditionally leaches into the soil and is wasted - can be collected used as a high potash feed. We've been busy testing the various compostumblers in our range and they've helped to produce some fantastic compost for our Kitchen Garden with the minimum of effort!

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Recycle Works
The Recycle Works Limited was established in 1995 by Sylvia Hopwood. The Company set out to address the matter of recycling within the family and in particular recycling Organic Waste. Separation of Organic Waste prevents poisonous Leachate and Monoxides from forming when in contact with the various metals in the waste stream. The Scientists do not really know, but these poisons may contaminate the earth for hundreds of years. We are fortunate to live and work in a beautiful part of the country in the Ribble Valley and on the doorstep of Britain's only European Designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, The Forest of Bowland We are also particularly aware of, and only buy raw materials with accreditation to Fair Trade, FSC wood, and sourcing of European woods from well managed and sustainable forests.

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