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Dedicated bed bugs pest control London

Bed Bug Hunters
Bed Bug Hunters is a company dedicated to bed bugs pest control and removal, providing 24/7 service in London and all the surrounding counties. We offer individually tailored bed bugs treatment solutions and methodological approach to all the bed bug infestations that we tackle. Our bed bugs management includes thorough inspection of the infested premises, individual prevention and detection programmes, toxic and non-toxic bed bug extermination treatments, as well as post-treatment monitoring. All of our services are insured and provided with a 6 month guarantee, subject to terms and conditions. Our dedicated bed bugs removal company is constantly keeping up-to-date with all the news and problems related to this pest. Depending on the level of infestation or its complexity, we have developed various techniques and methods to ensure the complete extermination of the challenging bed bugs.

London-based, experienced pest control company, with technicians trained by the British Pest Control Association. Clear prices given in the Prices/T & C section, while an e-mail contact form is available to request a call back. reviewer
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