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Gardenzest: Natural Plant Health Booster

Gardenzest is a new generation gardening compound: an elicitor - a plant health booster. Gardenzest boosts your plants" repair, growth and defence processes.

Gardenzest is made from plant extracts that are also used in food and cosmetic manufacturing such as coconut, kelp, lecithin and aloe. When Gardenzest is sprayed on your plant's leaves it triggers or 'elicits" a response from your plant to produce a series of essential oils to ward off pest, disease and environmental stress. These essential oils are also beneficial for gardeners as they increase flavour, colour, fragrance and growth.
 height=Increase Yield

Accelerate Growth

Improve Plant Health

Gardenzest will help you grow brighter, more fragrant, abundant flowers.

Grow healthier fruit and vegetables with improved colour and flavour!

And protect your garden from pest, disease and environmental stress.

Gardenzest is not a hormone spray.

Gardenzest is safe for use in home gardens and is safe to use around children and animals.

If you're serious about gardening you need Gardenzest!

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Gardenzest is an elicitor or biostimulant rather than a fertiliser, and is made from plant extracts so is ideal for vegetarian and biological gardeners. The website explains how the liquid works and how to use it, while the FAQ section covers a range of possible questions. The Reviews page has comments from satisfied users in New Zealand, where the product is made. Sales in the UK are due to start in Spring 2015, and the Buy Online page has a contact form to register for notification once the product is available. It also has the New Zealand address of the manufacturer. reviewer
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