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26 November 2014

Gifts for Gardeners

It's the time of year again to scratch your head and try to think of suitable presents for your friends and family. The chances are that at least one of them will be interested in gardening, and the range of gardening gifts increases every year, so let's consider some of the options.

You can never have too many pairs of secateurs, and with prices ranging from a couple of quid to 100+ there is a pair for every budget. They are even available in more feminine colours.

Any lady gardener would be pleased to receive a V&A Roses garden tool set. Made from robust one-piece aluminium, and in a floral pattern, this fork and trowel set will last for years. A bonus is that they come in a branded gift box.

A similar gift would also be appreciated by a gardening man, especially a stainless steel version such as that made by Spear & Jackson.

Garden tools could be a good choice for someone moving into their first house shortly, as they probably won't have any to start with. Although they may not be interested in gardening, they may appreciate gifts that help them to keep the garden looking tidy. They may even find that they enjoy gardening and it becomes a lifelong hobby.

There is never any shortage of gardening books to choose from, but you can't go far wrong with one of the Royal Horticultural Society ones, which can be found in a range of prices. I also find those written by Carol Klein, from Gardeners World, to be helpful and straightforward.

You could always give a gardeners diary, which is bound to come in useful. I can recommend the RHS Wild in the Garden Diary, which celebrates British wildlife and includes tips on how to manage your garden to enhance its wildlife potential.

On the subject of wildlife, you could give one of the numerous designs of bird feeder available, or perhaps a bug and bee house which will attract beneficial solitary bees, ladybirds and lacewings to your garden. The bees will help with pollination while the ladybirds and lacewings will feed on aphids and red spider mites.

If you want to splash out, any gardener interested in raising seeds would appreciate a propagator. Those with a thermostat are preferable to those without.

There are numerous other present possibilities such as seed tins, boxes full of sundries such as twine and plant labels, compost scoops, garden trugs, gardening gloves and even garden-themed mugs - ideal for the tea break. Whatever your budget, there is a suitable present out there.
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