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HPS Grow Light Store is one of the largest retailers of hydroponics in California. Large suppliers and personal growers see our huge selection in grow light kits, electronic ballasts, HPS MH bulbs, reflectors, hoods and accessories for growing your plants. To start your hydroponic growing journey you'll need to take on a few key items that are pertinent to your success.

Some items are:
hps 1000w ballast
1000w digital ballasts - These offer dimmable features which will help you save on your cost and grow your goods from seed to flower.
advanced nutrients for plants - Top of the line fertilizer, because, everyone needs some great nutrients.

California-based supplier of lighting and heating accessories for plant growers. Will ship internationally - contact for a shipping quote. Further info can be found in the Customer Service section, while an e-mail contact form is available in the Contact Us section. Secure payments taken. reviewer
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