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No.1 Polished Plaster Suppliers: Stucco Veneziano


Buy Italian Polished Plaster In London UK

If you want to buy Venetian plaster online in the UK, Stucco Veneziano is the best place to stop by. We are one of the widely recognised polished plaster suppliers in London and UK-wide. Whether you want Italian Stucco plaster or Marble Venetian plaster, we have something for everyone.

We also carry the finest range of decorative paints that can be used to create dramatic wall accents and other decorative features to improve overall appeal of your home.

Marble Venetian Plaster Suppliers London

With high-quality marble Venetian plaster, you can create different possibilities to spruce up your home interiors, on a budget. Stucco Veneziano stocks an extensive variety of Venetian plaster supplies, which are all you need for your upcoming decorative plastering project. We are the marble Venetian plaster suppliers you can entrust with your money. All our products are sourced from Italy and are sold to you in their purest form no VOC or acrylic additives. They are environmentally friendly and allow for speedy application.

Marble Venetian plaster features an endless array of colours and styles to suit every individual taste and preference.

Some of our Services Include:

Italian Stucco Plaster

Stucco Veneziano is an authentic supplier of Italian Stucco plaster for all types of property interiors and exteriors. Stucco is an ideal plastering material to achieve decorative wall finishes in an easy, cost-effective manner. Further, if you want to add ornamental value to your property, again, your material choice could from the extensive selection of Stucco Veneziano.

Stucco is a durable construction material that is usually prepared from a mixture of lime, sand, portland cement and water. On top of it, we add our proprietary mix of additives to thread strength and flexibility into the mixture.

If you have a requirement that we can fulfil, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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