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Pest control company in London, UK

Prime Pest Control London

Prime Pest Control is a company committed to deliveringquality pest control services at affordable rates in London and all counties with guaranteed highsuccess rates and sustainable results. We offer individually tailoredsolutions, implementing all the best practices and methods for pesteradication, detection and control. These methods have proven their efficiencyand will ensure long-term solution to your pest problem. Our integrated pestmanagement schemes are designed to comply with all the pest legislation,business standards and meet your personal requirements and expectations.

We have built a network of experienced and knowledgeablepest technicians that are trained by the BPCA. Our avian, pest insects androdent specialists have been successfully getting rid of all kinds ofinfestations across London and the surrounding counties for more than twodecades now. We provide bespoke pest management programmes and targetedtreatments 24/7, seven days a week, our response is immediate and precise.

Pest control company with 20 years experience working within the M25 circle, and covering all London boroughs. Both business and residential properties are catered for by the BPCA-trained technicians, and a wide range of pests can be eradicated. Prices are given for inspection and for treatment, while the Terms page covers various things that you need to know. Contact Us has an online enquiry form, while the company's postal address can be found at the foot of each page. reviewer
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