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The Enduring Gardener was started by Stephanie Donaldson who is a well know gardening author and editor of Country Living. Her blogs form the backbone of the website but this has been added to by expert guestwriters. The articles are very informative but not too intimidating for the novice or beginner. There are plenty of helpful and inspiring pictures too.

The articles are collected into the following sections

  • Greenhouses Information on how to decide what type andsize to buy, buying tips and how to plant and maintain your greenhouse.
  • Gardens - There is a fantastic section of reviews of visitsto famous gardensacross Europe complete with links to help you find out more and plan your ownvisit.
  • Gardens Design All the key areas are covered from initialplanning, choice of colour and planting. Specific guides are provided on allthe main garden features like paths and raised beds.
  • Garden Maintenance Basics like pruning an what to do eachmonth are covered as well as fruit tree care and topiary.
  • Stephanie's blog some personal reflections from Stephaniefrom her own garden and visits she performs to inspiring gardens.
  • The Enduring Gardener also has some sections which cover recipes, where to buy and other recommended blogs and gardening websites.

Here is a small taste of some of the areas the blog has coveredso far in 2015. There is a review with loads of images of the magical French Berchigranges garden. One article introduces the reader to new and exciting types of dark poppies. The website is none commercial so it is not filled with promotional articles - it is filled with genuinely interesting and informative gardening information.

The Enduring Gardener is a free online magazine, featuring the blog of Stephanie Donaldson, who is the contributing gardens editor of Country Living magazine and also a keen hands-on gardener. It features lots of information on hard and soft landscaping matters, greenhouses and garden maintenance. The Contact Us page has an e-mail address for enquiries. reviewer
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