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16 June 2015

Viburnum Tinus 'Eve Price'

One of the most successful bushes in my garden has been the Viburnum Tinus 'Eve Price', which has leathery dark green leaves throughout the year and flowers which appear over a long period from late winter to spring. The pink flower buds open to tiny, star-shaped white flowers, carried in flattened heads and these are followed by small dark blue-black fruits.

This bush will grow to have a height and spread of between 1.5 - 2.5m in 10 - 20 years. Mine, which is in a seaside garden prone to winds off the North Sea, is now approaching 2m in height after about 10 years so it must be happy in it's position. However Viburnums are that easy going that you would be hard pushed to not grow one in your garden.

They will grow in full sun or full shade, though the flowers will be better in the sun, and in sheltered and exposed sites, and are hardy throughout most of the UK. This is surprising when you learn that they come from the Mediterranean, where they grow on dry rocky limestone hills.

Viburnums grow well in most moderately fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soils, either acid or alkaline. Give them a good start with a little leaf mould and enough room to develop.

They will provide you with low maintenance hedging and screening, but can be grown as individual bushes as they keep their shape. If you need to tidy them up, then use secateurs rather than shears, and do it in late winter or early spring. As mentioned previously, they are suitable for coastal gardens.

Propogation is by semi-hardwood cuttings in the summer.

As well as 'Eve Price', there are numerous other Viburnums, including plenty of glorious summer examples, as well as the winter flowering varieties, and almost all are easy to please. I'm sure there is one out there for your garden.
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