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Caring For Your Lawn In A Dry Summer - 17 July 2018

This unusually long dry period is affecting gardens all over the UK, and this can be clearly seen when looking at lawns. Grass that is usually green and healthy at this time of year is looking parched...more info>>>

Choosing Tomatoes for Hanging Baskets and Containers - 19 April 2017

There are few things better than home-grown tomatoes, and you don't need to have a greenhouse to raise your own. These days there is a wide range of tomatoes suitable for growing in hanging baskets or...more info>>>

Choosing Garden Furniture - 7 February 2017

Although we are currently in the middle of winter, it won't be long before spring comes, and with it some warm days, perhaps even warm enough for us to want to sit in the garden or on the patio. This ...more info>>>

Mahonias for Winter Colour - 5 January 2017

Perhaps the most striking plant in my garden at this time of year is a Mahonia, which I planted about twelve years ago. The dark, glossy leaves show off the stunning greeny-yellow flowers, and it is f...more info>>>

Cat Deterrants - 7 October 2016

I recently looked out of my bedroom window and spotted one of the local cat population wandering about on my raised vegetable beds. I rushed outside to discuss the matter but it disappeared over the g...more info>>>

2016 National Garden BioBlitz - 1 June 2016

You probably don't know that this year's National Garden BioBlitz is taking place on the 4th and 5th of June, but you may be interested to know what it is. It was started by a mixture of wildlife e...more info>>>

Ventilating and Shading Your Greenhouse - 7 April 2016

In my previous article I covered the reasons for ventilating and shading a greenhouse, while in this one I outline the practicalities of doing it. There are usually two places in a greenhouse in wh...more info>>>

Why Ventilate a Greenhouse? - 9 March 2016

I noticed one day last week that my greenhouse auto-vent had stuck open - not ideal at the start of March with a frost forecast. This got me thinking about greenhouse ventilation in general and the re...more info>>>

Patio Roses - 5 February 2016

My wife has informed me that she would like a patio rose to stand outside the back door, so I thought I should do some research before parting with my money. Here are a few things to bear in mind when...more info>>>

What is Rootex? - 18 January 2016

I was recently reading an article about planting bare-rooted shrubs and trees and it mentioned copper-lined planting bags, which I had not heard of previously. Let me fill you in, as the gardener said...more info>>>

What is Hydroponics? - 18 November 2015

Hydroponics is a term that crops up now and again in gardening circles, but what is it? Here is a brief guide. The word Hydroponics comes from the Greek, and literally means 'working water'. It is ...more info>>>

Garden Paths - 27 October 2015

Virtually every garden will have a path of some kind so I will outline some of the options available. There are two types of path - one that gets you from A to B as directly as possible, such as a pat...more info>>>

Recommended Hydrangea Varieties - 9 October 2015

My previous article on Hydrangeas concentrated on planting and cultivation matters. Listed below are some recommended varieties of Hydrangea macrophylla for you to try, with mopheads listed first foll...more info>>>

Growing Hydrangeas - 21 September 2015

My wife has been "encouraging" me to grow some hydrangeas in our back garden for a few years, and I am now on the verge of having a go. I must admit that they always look attractive when covered in fl...more info>>>

Green Manures - 14 August 2015

I have recently been reading about the benefits of green manures so have decided to try one in my raised vegetable beds, sowing the seeds after harvesting my broad beans and onions. Below are listed s...more info>>>

The Top Ten Plants to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden - 27 July 2015

If you want to attract wildlife to your garden, it stands to reason that you must have the right plants. The ten plants most frequently recommended to attract birds, bees, butterflies etc., according ...more info>>>

Attracting Wildlife to Your Garden - 21 July 2015

If you would like to attract more wildlife to your garden, you don't have to spend a fortune - just think about what the various species need and help nature. If you can attract insects to your gar...more info>>>

Ceanothus - Evergreen and Deciduous - 7 July 2015

At this time of year I have the pleasure of seeing my neighbour's Ceanothus in full flower from my kitchen window. The mid-blue flowers really stand out against the glossy darkish-green leaves. Cea...more info>>>

Controlling Slugs in Your Garden - 26 June 2015

Slugs are one of the nationís most-hated garden pests, attacking your seedlings, plants and soft garden growth, while leaving a shiny slimy trail wherever they go. They are, however, an important food...more info>>>

Viburnum Tinus 'Eve Price' - 16 June 2015

One of the most successful bushes in my garden has been the Viburnum Tinus 'Eve Price', which has leathery dark green leaves throughout the year and flowers which appear over a long period from late w...more info>>>

Choisya Ternata - Mexican Orange Blossom - 9 June 2015

We have a Choisya ternata - Mexican Orange Blossom - in our garden, which has been covered in white flowers throughout May and into June. You might consider growing one in your garden. As you migh...more info>>>

Bluebells For Your Garden - 29 May 2015

There are few lovelier sights in nature than a bluebell wood, and bluebells can commonly be seen flowering in gardens at this time of year. However, all is not what it seems. Britain is lucky to h...more info>>>

The Importance of Pruning - 21 May 2015

You may not be aware of the importance of pruning your shrubs and climbers, but it can make the difference between getting a good display or a poor one. Many ornamental shrubs and trees can be left...more info>>>

Choosing Your Hedging Plants - 30 April 2015

You may decide to plant a hedge in your garden at some point. Perhaps you have moved into a new house where the garden is a blank canvas, or maybe just fancy a change in your established garden. Here ...more info>>>

Garden Shed Security - 16 April 2015

Many people underestimate the value of the items they store in their garden sheds. They frequently contain expensive tools and equipment, and possibly hobby-related items such as bikes and fishing tac...more info>>>

Garden Security - 27 March 2015

As we have introduced more items into our gardens over the years, such as barbecues, garden furniture and expensive planters, so we have made them more attractive to intruders. Some items may be cover...more info>>>

Coreopsis for Summer Colour - 19 March 2015

A couple of years ago I bought some Coreopsis plants from a local garden centre, which gave a display of bright golden flowers all summer. As an added bonus they were perennial so I could look forward...more info>>>

Making a Raised Bed - 3 March 2015

I recently spent some time making another raised bed for growing vegetables, so I thought I'd tell you how I did it. I was fortunate to be given some timber decking by my next-door neighbour, which...more info>>>

Collecting Seed - 16 February 2015

Many garden centres and catalogues these days have fancy seed storage containers for sale, possibly to give as presents due to their attractive appearance. These are obviously a waste of time unless y...more info>>>

Holly - to Brighten Up Your Winter - 3 February 2015

Holly (Ilex Aquifolium) is one of our most easily-identifiable trees and one that is linked to winter. Its berries brighten up the colder months while its branches are used for holly wreaths and for d...more info>>>

Azaleas for Spring Colour - 28 January 2015

My wife was given a basket containing four indoor azaleas for Christmas - a plant that can commonly be found in garden centres in December. Unfortunately their chances of surviving for long are slim, ...more info>>>

Vegetable Seeds for Sowing Through the Winter - 13 January 2015

Although the middle of January doesn't sound a promising time for sowing seeds, there are vegetable seeds that you can sow this month and also in February and March, though you will need a greenhouse ...more info>>>

Looking after a Poinsettia - 22 December 2014

This is the time of year when poinsettias make their annual appearance in supermarkets and garden centres - not surprising as their red and green foliage seems designed for Christmas. We bought one la...more info>>>

Choosing a Wheelbarrow - 12 December 2014

My son is hoping to move house shortly, to a property with a larger garden, and has suggested that a wheelbarrow might be a useful Christmas present. What should you take into consideration when buyin...more info>>>

Community Gardens - 5 December 2014

When I was visiting Vancouver a couple of years ago, I noticed a few community gardens, and thought it seemed a good use of land which would have remained unproductive otherwise. Fortunately there are...more info>>>

Gifts for Gardeners - 26 November 2014

It's the time of year again to scratch your head and try to think of suitable presents for your friends and family. The chances are that at least one of them will be interested in gardening, and the r...more info>>>

Growing Butternut Squash - 19 November 2014

A vegetable which is growing in popularity is the butternut squash, which is classed as a type of winter squash, as while it grows over the Summer and Autumn, most varieties will store for three or fo...more info>>>

Growing Seeds in Guttering - 12 November 2014

I was reading recently about starting an early crop of peas in a length of guttering, and as I have a spare piece I have decided to give it a try. Most of my vegetables are grown in raised beds 4 feet...more info>>>

Phormiums - Adding Shape and Colour to Your Garden - 4 November 2014

I have a Phormium Tenax Purpureum growing in a container in my coastal garden, and it has kept going for a few years now with the minimum of attention. If you are looking for a hardy plant which will ...more info>>>

Growing Dwarf French Beans - 17 October 2014

This year, rather than growing tall French beans, which take a bashing from the wind in my exposed garden, I decided to try the dwarf variety, and I was impressed with the result. French beans like...more info>>>

Vegetables for Autumn Planting - 26 September 2014

Judging by the number of leaves falling into my garden, autumn has arrived. Although you will probably have harvested nearly all your vegetables for this year, it is the time to think about planting o...more info>>>

Hampton Court Castle & Gardens - 21 September 2014

While on holiday in early September, staying in South Shropshire, I got talking to a gardener working for English Heritage, who recommended a visit to the gardens at Hampton Court Castle, near Leomins...more info>>>

Trachelospermum Jasminoides - for a Sunny, Sheltered Wall - 5 September 2014

A lovely climber for a sheltered, sunny position is the evergreen shrub Trachelospermum Jasminoides, which is also known as Chinese Ivy, Confederate Jasmine and Traders Compass. Clusters of striking, ...more info>>>

Actinidia Kolomikta - Ideal for a Sunny Wall - 29 August 2014

If you are seeking an attractive climbing plant for a sunny position in your garden then you may be interested in Actinidia kolomikta. This is an average to fast-growing deciduous climber with attract...more info>>>

Try Garrya Elliptica for Winter Interest - 22 August 2014

If you are looking for a wall shrub which will provide winter interest, then the silk tassel bush - Garrya elliptica - could be what you need. It's evergreen leaves and long, silvery catkins make it a...more info>>>

Climbing Hydrangeas - 14 August 2014

If you are looking for a climbing plant to cover a shady wall in your garden, the a climbing hydrangea could be what you need. It is a useful low-maintenance climber for a shady or north wall, thou...more info>>>

Looking at Lonicera - 8 August 2014

Lonicera - commonly known as honeysuckle - has been popular with gardeners for a long time, and rightly so. There are climbing varieties, which are wonderful draped over pergolas and supports, and eve...more info>>>

Wisteria for Walls - 1 August 2014

Wisterias are lovely twining climbers with beautifully scented flowers in shades of white, purple and pink. They are ideal for training into trees and covering walls, pergolas and other garden structu...more info>>>

Clematis - 5 Recommended Varieties - 18 July 2014

No garden should be without a clematis or two, as they can provide flowers through every season if you choose the right varieties. They are ideal for growing on walls, pergolas or old tree stumps, and...more info>>>

Climbing Plants for a Sunny Position - 11 July 2014

Following on from my previous article concerning climbing plants for shady areas, this article considers some plants suitable for sunny positions. The choice of plants is wider for this group and some...more info>>>

Climbing Plants for Shady Areas - 4 July 2014

A shady area may not seem like a good place for climbing plants, but there are some that thrive in what are their natural conditions. Here are some for you to consider:- Honeysuckle - Lonicera. Bot...more info>>>

Growing Climbing Plants in Your Garden - 27 June 2014

Many gardens will have a vertical space of some size, such as a wall or fence, so why not brighten it up by the use of climbing plants. You can even grow plants in a container up against your house wa...more info>>>

Buddleia Globosa - the Orange Ball Tree - 19 June 2014

I have a Buddleia Globosa in my garden which I planted about 8 years ago, but which doesn't tend to have many flowers on it. I noticed yesterday that one of my neighbours has one which is flowering pr...more info>>>

Heather Varieties to Try - 13 June 2014

Following on from my previous article concerning growing heathers, there are details below of some varieties which you might consider growing, though you may have to order them from specialist nurseri...more info>>>

Heathers for Winter Colour - 6 June 2014

Most people can find space in their gardens for a heather or two, though what we think of as heathers are actually three different types of plant - erica, calluna and daboecia, which are easy to tell ...more info>>>

Cordylines - Like Having Palm Trees in Your Garden - 30 May 2014

The cordyline, or cordyline australis to give it it's full name, is frequently seen in coastal and city locations, used for it's exotic palm-like appearance. It is also often used for bedding and in c...more info>>>

Consider a Cotoneaster - 23 May 2014

If you are looking for a versatile range of plants for your garden, then you should consider cotoneasters. I have three different varieties in my breezy garden near the coast and they are all thriving...more info>>>

Plants for Paved Areas - 16 May 2014

A fair proportion of gardens will have a paved area or path made up of paving slabs or similar, which is functional but not especially attractive. These areas can be improved by the addition of small ...more info>>>

Growing Potatoes in Containers - 8 May 2014

One of the best things about vegetable gardening is eating new potatoes fresh from your garden. You might think you haven't enough room, but potatoes are easy to grow in bags or containers. You can us...more info>>>

Berberis Darwinii - 1 May 2014

When walking around my local neighbourhood in spring, one of the most striking things is the orange flowers of the berberis darwinii bushes and hedges in people's gardens. Berberis can be evergreen...more info>>>

Pieris for Springtime Colour - 25 April 2014

One of the pleasures of springtime is seeing my two Pieris 'Forest Flame' come into flower. Pieris belong to the family 'Ericaceae' and are compact evergreen shrubs with leathery, dark green leaves...more info>>>

Griselinia - Ideal for Coastal Gardens - 17 April 2014

If you are looking for a large shrub for a coastal garden, then Griselinia could be the plant for you. They are also known as the New Zealand broadleaf, and come in two types - littoralis and variegat...more info>>>

Escallonia - Ideal for Windy Gardens - 11 April 2014

If you have just moved in to a newly-built house which has a windy, exposed garden, or if you are just making changes to your current garden, you should consider planting an Escallonia hedge. Escal...more info>>>

Attracting Bees to Your Garden - 4 April 2014

There are some insects that you don't want in your garden, but others - bees for example - which you definitely need. Wherever you live in the UK you should be able to attract between six and ten bumb...more info>>>

Growing Bedding Plants - 28 March 2014

Most gardeners will use bedding plants as part of their summer display, whether planted in the garden, in tubs or hanging baskets. There are various ways to obtain these plants. You can purchase pa...more info>>>

Companion Planting - 20 March 2014

Companion planting is a way of growing different plants next to each other for the benefit of one or both of the plants, and is an old gardening tradition. It's not just about pest control either - by...more info>>>

Why Use Peat-Free Compost? - 13 March 2014

You may have seen peat-free compost at your local garden centre and wondered why you should use it, or like me have tried it in the past and not been very impressed with it. However the environmental ...more info>>>

Asparagus Tips - 7 March 2014

Most jobs go better if you get the preparation right, and growing asparagus is no exception, but given that asparagus plants can stay productive for up to 20 years it will be time well spent. An as...more info>>>

Seed Germination Basics - 27 February 2014

The main seed-sowing season will soon be upon us, and we will be hoping for a high rate of germination from our seeds, but what do seeds actually need for germination? Each seed contains an embryo ...more info>>>

Improving Your Soil - 20 February 2014

If you have clayey, sandy, chalky or acidic soils in your garden or allotment you may want to try to improve it, so listed below are a few things for you to try. Clay soils can be improved by the a...more info>>>

Soil for Gardeners - 14 February 2014

It is important for the gardener to know what type of soil he has in his garden or allotment, so the following is a brief guide to the six main soil types and how to identify them. Clay is made up ...more info>>>

What is Soil? - 6 February 2014

As gardeners we are all interested in the soil that is in our garden or allotment, but what is soil and where does it come from? Soil is the thin outermost layer of the Earth's crust, and is made u...more info>>>

Rhubarb Ramblings - 4 February 2014

Following my earlier article on growing rhubarb, I thought I'd continue with some general information. Earliest records date back to 2700 BC in China where Rhubarb was cultivated for medicinal purpos...more info>>>

Raising Rhubarb - 27 January 2014

Rhubarb is a good plant to start with for the first-time fruit and vegetable gardener as it doesn't require too much attention and will reward you with tasty stalks when there is little else ready to ...more info>>>

What are Perlite and Vermiculite? - 20 January 2014

You may have seen perlite and vermiculite mentioned in the gardening magazines or seen bags of them at the garden centre and wondered what they are. The following is a brief description of how they ar...more info>>>

What Are John Innes Composts? - 13 January 2014

Amongst the wide range of composts at your local garden centre you may have seen bags of John Innes composts and wondered what they were and why they cost more than the others. This article should giv...more info>>>

January Tasks for the Vegetable Gardener - 6 January 2014

Although the weather is getting colder, there are still jobs for the vegetable gardener to be getting on with. If you planted any of the following, you may have some to harvest:- brussels sprouts,...more info>>>

January Gardening Tasks - 30 December 2013

Although the days will slowly start to lengthen in January, the temperature will fall, with overnight frosts likely. Some of this month's tasks involve fighting the weather while others are preparing ...more info>>>

Caring for your Cacti - 19 December 2013

If, like me, you have some neglected cacti in your home, this article may be of help. Cacti come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flower colours, and if you buy the right one for your conditions ...more info>>>

Cyclamens for Indoor Colour - 12 December 2013

In the dark, dismal days of winter, why not cheer yourself up with an indoor cyclamen, cyclamen persicum. These are colourful, easy to care for and cheap, and will repay you by flowering for weeks. ...more info>>>

December Tasks for the Vegetable Gardener - 5 December 2013

The days are getting shorter and colder but there are still jobs to get you outdoors when the weather allows. If you haven't already dug over vacant areas of your vegetable plot and added compost o...more info>>>

December Gardening Tasks - 28 November 2013

December will probably give us a mixture of weather, including days when we can do some useful jobs in the garden. When it's not so good it gives us a chance to tidy our sheds and greenhouses and to g...more info>>>

Bergenias for Borders - 21 November 2013

Bergenias are in most cases evergreen perennials with large, richly-coloured leaves - hence the nickname of 'elephant's ears' which relates to their size rather than their colour. They are good for gr...more info>>>

Beautiful Blackberries - 14 November 2013

November is an ideal time for planting blackberries, and even one plant can produce a good crop of berries. Garden plants are more productive than wild blackberries and can be trained to grow where yo...more info>>>

November Tasks for the Vegetable Gardener - 8 November 2013

Although we are moving towards late autumn there could still be some harvesting for you to do this month, along with seed-sowing and preparation for next year. Some of the following tasks should apply...more info>>>

November Gardening Tasks - 1 November 2013

There is still plenty of tidying up and preparation to do in the garden this month along with some planting. I'm sure some of the following jobs will apply to you. Before the first frosts arrive, m...more info>>>

Raspberries - a Taste of Summer - 25 October 2013

Raspberries are a lovely fruit to grow and enjoy, with the most popular varieties being summer-fruiting, though there are also autumn-fruiting varieties which have some advantages. They can be grown i...more info>>>

Gooseberry Growing - 18 October 2013

Gooseberries are a real treat and come in a range of varieties, from small yellow ones to large red ones. Growing more than one variety will lengthen your picking period. Late autumn to early spri...more info>>>

October Tasks for the Vegetable Gardener - 10 October 2013

October is still a time for reaping the rewards of your work earlier in the year, but also to prepare for next year. It is a good time to dig over any empty areas of your vegetable plot, after removin...more info>>>

October Gardening Tasks - 3 October 2013

The days are getting cooler and the nights are getting longer, but there are still plenty of jobs to do in the garden - many of them being preparation for the spring. Some of the following tasks are b...more info>>>

Aucubas - Ideal for a Shady Garden - 27 September 2013

Aucuba Japonica, commonly known as spotted laurel, is an ideal plant to brighten up a shady border, with it's gold-speckled,leathery green leaves. Aucubas have few requirements and are easy to grow, a...more info>>>

Autumn Lawn Maintenance - 18 September 2013

There is definitely an autumn feel to the weather now so the time has come to think about what your lawn needs to prepare it for the winter. The effort put in now will be reflected in the spring. W...more info>>>

September Tasks for the Vegetable Gardener - 5 September 2013

September should be an enjoyable time as you will be harvesting many of your crops. You can help yourself by removing plants which have finished cropping as you go, and then digging the land over. Thi...more info>>>

September Gardening Tasks - 29 August 2013

Although we can still enjoy good weather in September, it is the time to be making preparations for next year, with many of this month's jobs involving division of plants, seed collection and planting...more info>>>

Crocosmias for Colour - 22 August 2013

Now that August is here my crocosmias are in full bloom, giving splashes of bright orange around the garden. However they can be found in a variety of shades, from bright red to yellow. Members of ...more info>>>

Growing Petunias from Seed - 20 August 2013

Some of the most colourful plants in my garden this summer have been the petunias, which have ranged from white via pale pink to mixed purple and white. Most have been in containers though some have b...more info>>>

Taking Semi-Ripe Cuttings - 8 August 2013

I find that one of the most rewarding aspects of gardening is taking cuttings that you can develop into new plants, and late summer to mid-autumn is the time to be taking semi-ripe cuttings. These are...more info>>>

August Tasks for the Vegetable Gardener - 2 August 2013

Along with July, August is the height of summer and in theory we should enjoy long sunny days and high temperatures. If you are going away on holiday here are a few points for you to consider:- 1) ...more info>>>

August Gardening Tasks - 26 July 2013

August is the height of summer and along with July should be the hottest time of the year. Many of August's tasks involve looking after what you have already got, but there are also seeds to sow and p...more info>>>

Growing Swedes - 20 July 2013

I really enjoy swedes in soups and stews or mashed with potatoes and/or carrots, and, as they are fairly easy to grow, why not give them a try. Swedes are best sown in a sunny position on moist, fr...more info>>>

Photinia Tips - 11 July 2013

Photinia is an evergreen shrub which is grown mainly for its attractive red and green foliage - the red being provided by the young shoots - though it also has white flowers. It is mainly used as a sp...more info>>>

July Tasks for the Vegetable Gardener - 5 July 2013

You should be kept busy in July harvesting some of the crops planted earlier in the year, but there is still time to sow a few more. You will also be spending time watering regularly if the weather be...more info>>>

July Gardening Tasks - 28 June 2013

Now that July has arrived, temperatures should have risen, so you should be able to sit out in your garden and admire the fruits of your work from previous months. July is mainly about looking after w...more info>>>

Safety Tips for Gardeners - 21 June 2013

We have all laughed at cartoons when someone has stepped on the end of a rake and hit themselves with the handle. However there are many more potential safety hazards in the garden - some of which I h...more info>>>

Growing Hardy Geraniums - 14 June 2013

One of the most popular plants in the British garden is the hardy Geranium, mainly for it's beautiful flowers, which can last from early summer to autumn, and which range from purple via pink and whit...more info>>>

June Tasks for the Vegetable Gardener - 6 June 2013

June is a busy time for the vegetable gardener with crops to tend and others still to sow. Below is a list of jobs that you may need to tackle over the next few weeks, depending on what you are growin...more info>>>

June Gardening Tasks - 30 May 2013

As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, the plants in your garden should be putting on a spurt, but so will your weeds, so the first job in this list of tasks for June is 1) Hoe borders regula...more info>>>

Herbs for the Kitchen - 23 May 2013

Have you ever thought that it would be nice to cut your own fresh herbs from your own garden to add to your meals. Well you can, as most of the herbs commonly used for cooking can be grown in containe...more info>>>

Summer Lawn Maintenance - 17 May 2013

Now that the summer has arrived, with hot, dry weather, you will probably just want to sit and admire your lawn without having to put too much effort into it's upkeep. The good news is that as tempera...more info>>>

Weedkillers for the Garden - 10 May 2013

You may be thinking of using a weedkiller in your garden, so below is a brief guide to the types of weedkiller available, and some important points to remember when using them. They should all be read...more info>>>

May Tasks for the Vegetable Gardener - 3 May 2013

There should be plenty to keep us busy in May, now that the soil is warming up, but look out for the occasional overnight frost and keep some fleece handy to protect your most vulnerable plants. Yo...more info>>>

May Gardening Tasks - 2 May 2013

Now May is here we should be able to look forward to some warmer weather but beware of late frosts and be ready to protect your more vulnerable plants. Regular lawn mowing will now become a feature...more info>>>

Collecting Water for the Garden - 19 April 2013

As our weather becomes less predictable we seem to be having extended periods of rain and dry weather which isn't ideal for the gardener. Outdoor water use accounts for around 7% of the total water us...more info>>>

Saving Water in the Garden - 12 April 2013

Following the recent dry spell, and with warmer weather on the way, there are various steps you can take to reduce the amount of water you use in the garden. Here are my top ten tips:- 1) Either wa...more info>>>

April Tasks for the Vegetable Gardener - 5 April 2013

Now that April has arrived the temperature should be rising, though we can still expect cold nights and probably some cold days as well. Whatever you are doing take the weather into account. Jobs that...more info>>>

April Gardening Tasks - 28 March 2013

As the temperature rises (we hope) and the days lengthen, April should be a busy time for the gardener. However the weather is often unreliable and following a cold March some jobs may be best left un...more info>>>

Growing Sweet Peas - 22 March 2013

Sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) are amongst the most popular annual flowers, due to their wide range of colours, and their usefulness as cut flowers for the home. They are also relatively easy to grow ...more info>>>

Considering a Leylandii Hedge? - 18 March 2013

Leylandii can make an excellent hedge if they are looked after properly and can 1) Act as a screen against wind, noise and undesirable views 2) Improve privacy 3) Increase security 4) Filt...more info>>>

Considering a Cold Frame? - 11 March 2013

If you haven't previously thought about having a cold frame in your garden, you may be persuaded after reading the following article. Even if you only have a small garden you should be able to fit one...more info>>>

March Tasks for the Vegetable Gardener - 5 March 2013

As the weather improves, all being well, and the days lengthen, us gardeners should be outside preparing for the coming growing season. However you may still have some crops in from last year which ne...more info>>>

March Gardening Tasks - 1 March 2013

Although you never know what weather to expect in March, there should be some better days mixed in with the cold to encourage us gardeners to get outside and get stuck into some of the tasks that need...more info>>>

Buying a Garden Shredder - 25 February 2013

With spring on the way you may be thinking of investing in a garden shredder. This may purely be to make it easier to dispose of your garden waste, or you may want to create useful, compostable materi...more info>>>

Choosing a Lawnmower - 19 February 2013

One of the most expensive single purchases you will make for your garden is a lawnmower so it is advisable to look at the options before parting with your money. The first decision is whether you w...more info>>>

Seed Potato Summary - 11 February 2013

If you are thinking of growing potatoes this year then it is time to purchase your seed potatoes. There are numerous different varieties but they are divided into three types according to the length o...more info>>>

February Tasks for the Vegetable Gardener - 5 February 2013

February is often the harshest winter month, though there are usually a few days when you can get wrapped up and get on with things outdoors. You may have some crops still to harvest - I have some...more info>>>

February Gardening Tasks - 31 January 2013

Now that February has arrived bulbs are starting to emerge indicating the approach of spring. Tasks for this month are generally to do with preparation for the coming season but there is plenty to kee...more info>>>

Sedum Summary - 24 January 2013

Sedums, common name stonecrop, are mostly evergreen or semi evergreen fleshy or succulent perennials. There is a wide range of species giving a great variety of flowering colours and times. Sedums ran...more info>>>

Hosta Hints - 15 January 2013

Hostas are rightly gaining popularity among gardeners and I have a number of plants in my garden and also in containers. They are relatively easy to grow and come in a range of sizes. There are ove...more info>>>

An Introduction to Buddleias - 9 January 2013

One of my favourite shrubs in my garden is Buddleia Davidii - the butterfly bush. Although butterfly numbers have been down for the last couple of years, some have still visited my bushes in late summ...more info>>>

Spring Lawn Maintenance - 4 January 2013

Spring is a very important season for looking after your lawn, and work put in now will pay dividends later. In early spring, as the grass starts to grow, you will need to start mowing your lawn, ...more info>>>

Winter Lawn Maintenance - 19 December 2012

If you want your lawn to look it's best in the summer, it is worth putting in some effort during the winter - it will not be wasted. You may naturally lose some grass cover and density over the winter...more info>>>

Strawberry Growing - 13 December 2012

There are few things that give the flavour of summer more than strawberries, and although I am writing this article with a thick frost outside, I can almost taste the fresh fruit. Strawberries are ...more info>>>

Hedgehogs - The Gardener's Friend - 28 November 2012

Hedgehogs are regarded as a gardenerís friend and you should make them welcome in your garden by offering them a safe habitat where they can thrive. We have quite a few Hostas in our garden and they g...more info>>>

Choosing a Greenhouse - 23 November 2012

If you are a keen gardener you will probably want to raise your own plants from seed, and an essential requirement will be a greenhouse. They are invaluable for creating the right environment for rais...more info>>>

Raised Beds - Points to Consider an article by UK Gardening Directory - 16 November 2012

After being introduced to the joys of vegetable growing a few years ago, I decided that I would benefit from having some raised beds. I started off with two 12 ft x 4 ft beds and have since added anot...more info>>>

Planting a Wildlife Hedge - 7 November 2012

If you have space in your garden, perhaps after reorganising a border in the autumn, why not consider planting a mixed hedge for the benefit of both yourself and wildlife. This will not be a neat priv...more info>>>

Growing Potatoes Under Black Polythene by UK Gardening Directory - 6 November 2012

This spring I tried growing potatoes under black polythene, as outlined in my RHS gardening book. The seed potatoes I used were Wilja, grown as second earlies. I have a 4 foot wide raised bed, and ...more info>>>

Crab Apple Trees an article by UK Gardening Directory - 6 November 2012

If you only have room for one single tree in your garden you should certainly consider planting a crab apple, which if grown on a modern dwarfing rootstock, as is usual these days, will give you a tre...more info>>>

Making Leaf Mould By UK Gardening Directory - 2 November 2012

We have four large sycamore trees in our garden and our next-door neighbour has a large beech tree, so through the autumn we are never short of leaves to use for leaf mould. Most leaves can be turned ...more info>>>

Growing Celery - 31 October 2012

Celery is a useful but underrated vegetable, adding crunch to salads and variety to stews and other dishes. It also adds something to ratatouille, and is great for slimmers to snack on. Celery leaves ...more info>>>

Planting Spring Bulbs - 31 October 2012

Everyone likes to see daffodils and crocuses appear in the spring - it makes you think that summer is just around the corner. Fortunately bulbs are easy to grow and can also be grown in containers, so...more info>>>

Naturalising Spring Bulbs - 31 October 2012

Drifts of naturalised daffodils, snowdrops and crocus growing in open grass are one of the classic images of spring, but they are simple to create and will last for many years. Naturalising bulbs i...more info>>>

Growing Brussels Sprouts - 30 August 2012

Although not everyone's favourite vegetable, Brussels Sprouts are one of the few vegetables that can be enjoyed fresh through the autumn and winter. They are a slow growing vegetable, taking 26Ė31 wee...more info>>>

Growing Lettuce - 10 August 2012

Lettuce is a useful crop as it can be used to fill in gaps that arise due to early crops being harvested, or between rows of slower-growing plants. However they will not heart properly if in the shade...more info>>>

Growing Spring Onions - 3 August 2012

I will be going out later this afternoon to pick some spring onions for tea. These will be from a row planted in a raised bed at the end of March. Spring onions are a useful crop as they mature fairly...more info>>>

Growing Peas - 1 August 2012

If you have thought about growing peas but have never tried it, please have a go, as there are few things better than the taste of your own freshly-picked peas. I started harvesting mine last weekend ...more info>>>

Growing Broad Beans - 30 July 2012

I have just started harvesting my broad beans, which were planted in the spring. While not everyone's favourite vegetable, thay are relatively easy to grow and give a good yield for the amount of room...more info>>>

How to Grow Parsley - 27 July 2012

Parsley, which is a biennial plant and member of the carrot family, is the most widely grown herb in Europe and certainly the most widely used. It develops a clump of leaves and a spindly white tap r...more info>>>

Growing Leeks - 10 July 2012

If you have some space in your vegetable plot after lifting an early crop, it could be an opportunity to try growing some leeks, which are very easy to grow and give a good yield. They should succeed ...more info>>>

How to Grow Beetroot - 22 June 2012

Beetroot comes in a variety of colours and taste strengths, so if you grow your own, it is a case of trial and error untill you find a variety that suits. Beetroot is an easy crop to grow if you ca...more info>>>

Vegetable Seeds for Sowing Through the Winter - 13 January 2000

Although the middle of January doesn't sound a promising time for sowing seeds, there are vegetable seeds that you can sow this month and also in February and March, though you will need a greenhouse ...more info>>>
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